We cover a number of aspects of the Key Stage 3 History curriculum on the Stuart period with our sessions, providing pupils with the unique opportunity to see real objects relating to the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell. We also have a number of replica items that can be handled or tried on, to help them to understand the experience of soldiers during the Civil War for example. Our sessions aim to promote discussion and debate using a variety of evidence on the causes of the Civil War and the Trial of Charles I.

These sessions are not only suitable for organised school visits, but Home Schooled groups by arrangement, and can be tailored for Scout and Guide groups etc.

Why visit the Cromwell Museum?

Museums are a great place to take students for learning outside the classroom. Research shows that they have the ability to:

  • Inspire learners across all age ranges and subjects
  • Prompt enhanced achievement, going beyond what learners think they can do
  • Stimulate vulnerable pupils or those who find learning difficult
  • Provide resources for different subjects and inter-disciplinary themes.

A visit to the Cromwell Museum gives students a unique opportunity to:

  • See real objects owned by or associated with Oliver Cromwell, his life and times up close
  • To learn about events and themes with knowledgeable museum staff and volunteers
  • Handle replica artefacts alongside seeing original items
  • Discuss key themes including citizenship, British values, democracy, questioning evidence and reputations
  • Have a session tailored to fit your needs and learning objectives
  • Have an enjoyable, safe learning experience away from the classroom.

Some of our standard sessions are included below. We can also tailor other sessions to fit your needs that are around Cromwell, Huntingdon’s history or the role of Museums. Please contact us to discuss these.

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Cromwell’s Huntingdon

What was Huntingdon like in Cromwell’s time?

‘Cruel Necessity’ – the Trial of Charles I

Using dialogue from the original trial, and set in...

Civil War!

Why was there a Civil War in this country 350 year...

Pictures of the Past

What do portraits tell us about people from the pa...

Who was Oliver Cromwell?

Ideal for local schools looking at local history o...
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