Why visit us?

Was Cromwell a hero or a tyrant? Did he really cancel Christmas? How did he rise from humble origins in Huntingdonshire to shape the history of an entire country? 

Discover who Cromwell really was, behind the myths, in our programme of workshops and resources led by our experienced and knowledgeable staff and costumed re-enactors.

Whether you visit the Museum, borrow a loan box, or bring us into your classroom virtually, your students will examine original objects, paintings, and documents in our unique collection to learn more about topics including local history, society and culture in the 17th century, the history of democracy and parliament in Britain, the Interregnum and Ireland, and more. 

What we offer:

On Site Workshops

Visit the Museum and explore the 17th century with re-enactors, object handling, and interactive activities. See real artefacts that belonged to Cromwell, discover what they can tell us about him, and talk to experts about the period.

    Virtual and Classroom Workshops

    We bring our workshops to your classroom virtually or in person. Experience all the benefits of visiting the Museum, but within your timetable, without travel costs, and in the safety of your school environment.

    Loan Boxes and Classroom Resources

    Our loan boxes are full of exciting real and replica objects, images, and documents accompanied by engaging and hands-on activities, while our digital resources support your teaching of Cromwell through videos, resource packs, worksheets, and more.

    ‘We really enjoyed using the loan box in lessons to help bring the past alive to the students, and the pupils seemed to really enjoy working independently to learn more about the life of Cromwell!’ – Year 8 Teacher

      To find out more about what we offer, download our secondary education leaflet here: Secondary Education Leaflet

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      Contact our learning team on 01480 702216 or email learning@cromwellmuseum.com.

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      Secondary Education Leaflet

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