We can help your pupils discover what life was like in the 17thcentury and explore the importance of Oliver Cromwell as a significant figure both locally and nationally. We aim to help groups understand how he rose from being a man of modest means in Huntingdon to become the most important person in the country. Our activities and discussions encourage children to make their own minds up about what sort of person Cromwell was, using the evidence available, and challenging preconceptions and myths.

Why visit the Cromwell Museum?

A visit to the Cromwell Museum gives students a unique opportunity to:

  • See real objects owned by or associated with Oliver Cromwell, his life and times up close
  • To learn about events and themes with knowledgeable museum staff and volunteers
  • Handle replica artefacts alongside seeing original items
  • Discuss key themes including citizenship, British values, democracy, questioning evidence and reputations
  • Have a session tailored to fit your needs and learning objectives
  • Have an enjoyable, safe learning experience away from the classroom.

Virtual Sessions

We can offer many of our sessions as virtual sessions using video-conferencing. In these sessions, led by our expert staff and volunteers, we bring the Museum to you in your classroom, allowing your students to see original objects up close, meet civil war soldiers, and take part in fun and engaging hands-on activities. In short: all the exciting benefits of visiting us, but on your time, without travel costs, and in the safety of your school environment.

Please contact us if you are interested in having a virtual session with us. We are continuing to develop our virtual education programme, and will have more information up on our website when it is available.

Our Sessions

Our standard sessions are included below. We are happy to tailor these sessions to fit your learning aims about Cromwell, Huntingdon’s history or the role of Museums. Our volunteer re-enactors are often able to join us for our sessions to bring first-hand knowledge to learners.

Ready to book?

Contact our Learning and Communities Officer at learning@cromwellmuseum.com or 01480 702216 to find our more information, discuss how we can meet your requirements, and book your session with us.

Loans Boxes

We have developed two new loans boxes over the last year. With them, your class can discover who Oliver Cromwell was, and what it was like to live in his time, in their own classroom. Our loans boxes contain replica objects, documents, digital resources, and suggestions for activities to do with them and how they can support your curriculum.  

If you're interested in trialling one of our new loans boxes, please get in touch! Contact us to find out more.

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