Our workshops and resources allow students to come face to face with Oliver Cromwell, explore his life, and decide for themselves what kind of man he was by exploring objects that belong to him and documents that were written by him. They are designed with the national curriculum in mind, and use our collection, as well as our expert staff and talented costumed re-enactors, to bring Oliver Cromwell and the British Civil Wars to life.

Cromwell was born in Huntingdon, and later lived in St. Ives and Ely, making him an ideal choice for a local history study. Through studying his life, students can explore themes and topics such as what society and culture was like in the 17th century, the causes and events of the civil wars, the history of democracy and parliament in Britain, citizenship, and more.

What we offer:

On site workshops

Our workshops bring the 17th century to life with re-enactors, object handing, and interactive activities – plus the opportunity to see real objects that belonged to Oliver Cromwell up close, and discover what they can tell us about his life!

    Virtual workshops

    We have adapted some of our on-site workshops and talks to create engaging virtual sessions. Experience all the benefits of visiting in person, including interactive activities, opportunities to ask and answer questions, and object exploration. We will bring the museum to you, anywhere in the country – but on your time, without travel costs, and in the safety of your school environment.

    Loan boxes

    Our loan boxes are full of exciting real and replica objects, images, and documents. Accompanied by engaging and hands-on activities that are designed around the national curriculum, these boxes will allow students to explore the life and times of Oliver Cromwell. They can be booked in conjunction with a virtual workshop, for a fully interactive and facilitated classroom experience.

      To find out more about what we offer, download our primary education brochure here: Primary Education Brochure

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