About Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell is an iconic figure in British history, known throughout the world. Born in Huntingdon in 1599, he went to school in the building which now houses the Cromwell Museum. He went on to become a major figure in the Parliamentary cause during the British Civil Wars, a leading general, one of the prime movers in the execution of King Charles I and became Lord Protector, the first commoner to become head of state in Britain. This section of our website introduces Cromwell, his life and times, and the Civil Wars against which he came to prominence. Click on the links below to find out more.

Cromwell The Man


Cromwell is famous for many reasons – as a soldier, politician and head of state. He was also a devoted family man with a deep faith and occasional battles with ill health. Read more

Civil War


Oliver Cromwell came to prominence against the background – indeed because of – a series of bloody Civil Wars across the British Isles in the 1640s. These have been traditionally known as the English Civil War, although historians now see them as a series of linked conflicts between 1639 and 1651. Read more

Why is Cromwell Important?


Oliver Cromwell is one of the most famous figures in British history. For some he provokes strong emotions, even over 350 years after his death. He is known throughout the world, and was voted one of the ten most important figures in British history in 2001.  Read more

Key Collections


The Cromwell Museum is home to the best collection in the world of items relating to Oliver Cromwell. We have a collection of nearly a thousand objects including paintings and works of art, arms and armour, personal items, written and printed documents, coins and medals and commemorative items relating to Cromwell’s life and times. Read more

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