August 2021: Digital Discoveries

This year, in partnership with University of Cambridge Museums' Summer with the Museums programme, we're bringing our annual August activities to you at home. Each week in August will bring a fresh set of online activities, downloadable resources, and videos, all for free! See our schedule below to find out what you can expect each week:

Become a Civil War Soldier: 2 - 8 August

It's Civil War Soldier week! What was it like to be a civil war soldier? Find out from some real soldiers, and make your own equipment so you're ready to enlist!

  • Why did soldiers sign up to fight for Parliament? Watch this short video to hear from a real soldier why he joined up, and why you should too.
    • Become part of the calvary! There were two important things that every soldier who was part of the calvary needed: a horse, and a cornet! Calvarymen rode horses into battle, and each troop of calvary needed its own cornet - a banner - so that everyone on the battlefield knew which troop they belonged to. We have two activity sheets available for download below which include fun facts, photos, and instructions for how to make your own horse and cornet.
    1. How to make a horse
    2. How to make a cornet
    • Become part of the infantry! Two types of soldiers made up the infantry: pikemen, who used a pike, and musketeers, who fought with matchlock muskets. We asked two soldiers to tell us how these weapons were used, and to demonstrate how they were trained to use them! Watch them in the videos below:

    There's more activities and videos available each week in August!

    Paintings and Portraiture: 9 - 15 August

    Create your own portraits and explore 17th century painting.

    Cromwellian Smells and Tastes: 16 - 22 August

    Discover what 17th century people ate, drank, and used to make their home smell good. Use our online activities at home and give it a go yourself!

    Printing and Press: 23 - 29 August

    How did people in the 17th century write letters and books? Find out by trying it out yourself with online resources. 

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