Visit the Cromwell Museum with your family and explore the life of Huntingdon's most famous son. Discover fascinating facts such as: Did he really cancel Christmas? Was he the first person in Britain to try pineapple? What happened to his head after he died? How did he rise from being a normal boy in Huntingdon, to ecome the only commoner to ever have been the head of state of the country?

We've got lots on throughout the year for children and families to get involved in...

  • Visit us any day to dress up like a civil war soldier and try on Cromwell's hat!
  • We have craft activities, family trails, and real civil war soldiers for you to meet available every half term. 
  • Want to visit us with your scouting group, homeschooling group, or school? Visit our Learning Hub to find out how to book a group visit.

April Spring Holidays

Drop into the Cromwell Museum during the spring holidays to take part in free family craft activities!

Wednesday 5 April: Quills and Wax Seals

How did people in the 17th century write letters and sign their name? Join us to find out and give it a go yourself!

Find out more here.

Thursday 13 April: Bookbinding

Join Fiona and Steve from Roman Traders to create a medical mapfold pamphlet and bind your own book.

Find out more here

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