Secret State: Cromwellian Spies and Intelligence

20-05-23 - 17-09-23,
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Admission: £FREE

Location: The Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon

Today we think of spying as a glamorous (if murky) world thanks to the James Bond films and novels of John le Carré.

Espionage and intelligence gathering has existed since ancient times, allowing generals to find ways to defeat their enemies and monarchs to safeguard their position. It was of particular importance during the Civil Wars of the 1640s in Britain and helped safeguard the regime of Oliver Cromwell.

This new exhibition looks at the way that intelligence services developed at this time, from information gained on the opposition by both sides during the British Civil Wars, to the more sophisticated organisations developed under the Commonwealth and Protectorate by Thomas Scot and John Thurloe. Objects on display include original examples of coded letters and ciphers from the period, and there's an opportunity to try 1600s codebreaking for yourself.

Discover a world of codes, ciphers, assassins, spies, women agents, spymasters, invisible ink and smuggled letters in this fascinating exhibit!

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