Cromwell's Letters and Speeches: a talk by Professor John Morrill & Team

24-03-23 - 24-03-23,
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Admission: ££15 adults, £12 members

Location: Huntington Town Hall

Oliver Cromwell has left more correspondence and recorded speeches than any other individual in British history prior to the 1800s, much of which was first published by Thomas Carlyle in 1845. Carlyle's text, and that of others who published similar volumes, missed out, edited or misinterpreted many of the texts, meaning that many of the histories written since then have depended on inaccurate sources.

Over the last decade a team of academics from across Britain, Ireland and the USA have been working to collate, verify and annotate a new edition of Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches, consisting of more than 1,000 texts. Cromwell rose from lowly origins in Huntingdon to become a notable commander, preside over the trial and execution of a king, undertake the most complete conquest of Ireland and Scotland ever achieved, and became head of state as Lord Protector of Britain and Ireland. His speeches and letters reveal the public and the private man more completely than for almost any other early modern political leader. This new 3 volume edition not only publishes a number of new items, but also edits a large number of previously published texts from recovered originals, altering our understanding of Cromwell's words.

This event will celebrate this achievement with an evening spent with the editor, Professor John Morrill, and many of the team who have worked on these volumes. An actor will perform readings of some of Cromwell's most significant speeches and letters, whilst the Professor Morrill and the team will talk through the significance of these words and the experience and signifcance of producing these volumes.

This is an in-person event held in the splendour of Huntingdon Town Hall's Assembly Room; places are limited and early booking is advised. Ticket prices include a complementary glass of wine or soft drink.

This event is being supported by the publisher, Oxford University Press. All profits from the evening go to support the work of the Cromwell Museum, an independent charity.

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