The Cromwell Museum has close links with other museums nearby for learning activities, and share planning and delivery of events. We are an Arts Award Centre and can support schools with advice about their own activities, as well as organising our own.

We regularly provide family activities during school holidays, and this year have started putting together learning activities that you may find useful during the Covid-19 lockdown, or prior to a visit to the Museum with your family. 

We've also created some Jigsaw Puzzles using images of items n our collections which you might want to have a go at - try them out below!

Portrait of Cromwell on Horseback, 1657

Elizabeth Cromwell as a Young Woman

Oliver Cromwell by Robert Walker, 1649

Florentine Chest, Presented to Oliver Cromwell in 1656

Cromwell at the Battle of Marston Moor 1644 by James Ward

Sir Thomas Fairfax, engraving from 'Anglia Reviva'

King Charles I by Sir Peter Lely

British Railways Poster promoting Huntingdon using Cromwell, 1950

Oliver Cromwell, engraving by Pierre Lombart, 1655

The Battle of Naseby, 14 June 1645 from 'Anglia Rediviva'

The Battle of Naseby by Abraham Cooper, 1860

Elizabeth Claypole, Oliver Cromwell's second daughter

Henry Cromwell, Cromwell's youngest son.

Cromwell dismissing the Rump Parliament, April 1653 (18th century engraving)

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