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There are many ways to support the Cromwell Museum and Trust and help to ensure that the story of Oliver Cromwell – his life, times and influence on modern democracy – is kept alive and brought to ever more people’s attention. In April 2016, the Museum was taken into the care of the new Trust, having been transferred from Cambridge County Council. This releases the burden from the taxpayer but raises the need for financial and other support.


The museum is governed by a Board of Trustees and from time to time seeks to recruit additional talents to help steer the Museum through  new challenges. Information about the role of a Trustee at the Museum can be found  here Trustee pack  . If you  would like an informal conversation about the role then please contact our Vice-Chair of Trustees, Charles Nixon  on with a short summary of the kind of support you could provide.



The museum is dependent upon a (new model) army of volunteers in a range of roles. From museum and town guides, to fundraising, research and marketing, we have a growing team of Cromwell and Huntingdon enthusiasts. If you’d like to join them, please contact our curator on with a short summary of the kind of support you could provide.


As Cromwell himself said ‘Forget not money’! It costs £2,000 a month just to keep the museum open to visitors: but we want to preserve the collection, improve how it’s displayed, create more opportunities for people to learn about Oliver Cromwell across the world. You can make donations at the Museum in cash, or by cheques which should be made out to The Cromwell Museum Trust.


There is a choice of membership schemes:

The Roundhead Fund

This fund covers gift-aided donations of between £10 and £100. Contributors will, if they wish, be named on this website, invited to events (with a discount for paid events), sent twice-yearly updates on the Museum, and an automatic upgrade to the Patron’s Circle if contributions reach that level.

Patron’s Circle

We are seeking a small group of individuals who are able to pledge at least £500 a year for four years. This prestigious group will enjoy reciprocal benefits including acknowledgement on the website, should they wish; private tours with their guests by appointment, free attendance at events, advance invitations for ticketed events, a twice-yearly update on the Museum and a personal thank you letter from Sir John Major, the Museum and Trust’s Patron.

The Friends of the Cromwell Museum

The Friends group was formed in 2013 with the purpose of supporting the work of the Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon in promoting knowledge of the life and legacy of Oliver Cromwell. Everyone needs friends and the Cromwell Museum is no exception. If you think you could help with fundraising, publicity, organising events or just supporting the work of the museum – we need you.

Individual membership  £10
Family membership £15
Volunteers at the museum £5

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